Creaciones Charo FIMI 2018 s-s

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Great weekend that we had in Madrid. Not only for the good weather, but influx of visitors who visited our stand, where we showed our new Baptism and baby spring-summer collections.

One edition more, we came back to the "Pabellon de cristal" of "Casa de Campo" where it welcomed us from June 22sd to 24th.

Although our collections are timeless, this has not interfered us in showing our designs for this period of the year. We never neglect neither our quality nor our classic style, which is easily recognized in all our designs. A collection that without abandoning our traditional manner, at the same time wants to show a current tendency .Mixing classic designs with something more current and colorful.

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We continue, as from our beginnings, searching and choosing high quality fabrics, such as batiste, tulle or embroidered fabrics. Without forgetting that our designs are made 100% Spanish. Made all in our Andújar workshops.

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We can not forget all our friends and clients who visited us, greeted and congratulated our collections.

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