Creaciones Charo in the Magic Day

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The third edition of the Magic Day (Día Mágico) will take place from 15th to 17th of May in an emblematic place, the Real Tapestry Factory (Real Fábrica de Tapices). This competition is strengthened by Fimi as a specialised exhibition.

In these days we could enjoy seeing the new suggestions presented by the main first communion manufacturers and designers. In addition, we will be delighted by a place which makes us feel like if we were in the past due to the fact that we could see tapestries from the last centuries and the way in which experts make or maintain invaluable tapestries.

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               Three days in incomparable atmosphere, in which the visitors will be able to see the newest products in the sector: first communion dresses, communion suits and accessories.

               Creaciones Charo has taken part in this fair since its beginning. It has become established as one of the brands which people have relied on since the first years of this path. This year we will be in the Stand 7 in Goya Room, a special room surrounded by astonishing tapestries.

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In this occasion, we show a collection inspired by the colour and the light of the spring. The light, the brightness of the colours and the flowers are only some of the main features involved in a beautiful spring, a season which is always a reason for happiness. It is the perfect muse, it inspires and raise the ingenuity.

Cloths in movement as a flower caressed by the breeze. Girl as a butterfly placed over petals. Creaciones Charo shows all of this in the collection which we will see in the Magic Day.

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Every details is available in a wide variety of colours: light gray, cobalt, gold and silver. The fabrics are embroidered with flowery reasons. The vast number of cloths are suitable for the design of each dress: linen, silk, rustic muslin, tulles which are mixed in the different designs from the most modern to the most traditional. They are also accompanied by ornaments like bobbin lace, embroidered tulle with several designs that make the whole perfect.

We only see the result, however, the most important is behind each design, each detail, this is the right work, the right choice of the fabric, the combination of details and the delicate hands of those who turn the ideas into a reality.

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