The childhood universe 2016

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The newness in the eighty-second edition of FIMI, the childhood universe, has been the place in which we have been taken. Without having to be moved from the Casa de campo park and close to Madrid Arena, the glass pavilion, which is a glass cube located on the second floor of the country house. Every single exhibitor has shown there the new designs for the next autum/ winter season.

This edition took place from the 22nd to 24th of January and it was an opportunity for Creaciones Charo to exhibit a collection loyal to the original idea that has always been a sign of our collections. It does not mean not including anually a personal and up-to-the-minute touch in all our pieces of clothing.

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               This new collection can be split into two. The first one is focused on babies and we can find outfits, baby blankets, short dresses with napkin-pants, child’s romper suits and baby dresses. There are included a great variety of cloths such as cambric, linen or plumetti embroided and a wide range of colours like light brown, blue, beige and pink.

               The second collection includes our already known classic baptism collection in which we could find long and short baby’s dresses, all of them made in different materials like combined clothings with different techniques and accessories.

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In these days in which we are honored and pleased with the visit of some good friends and the one of those who we are going to meet. We carry on receiving new visitors from foreign markets spreading our presence in different ones.

See you on the magical day with new trends in First Communion.

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