The Universe of Childhood 2017 S/S

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Creaciones Charo didn't attend for a long time the spring-summer edition of The Universe of Childhood. But ss the saying goes, a happy outcome is worth waiting for. Although in this edition predominated for the low attendance of buyers. if it was noticed the great influx of international buyers.

85 edition where we show the news for the next spring-summer collection. Come back to welcome us el Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo, place that is becoming almost second house.

A hot month of June, more exactly from 23rd to 25th, it was the date chosen to celebrate this summer edition.

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Creaciones Charo showed a collection full of light and colour. Exhibiting not only designs in the classic ivory colour, but also introducing more chromatic variety in their designs.

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We showed again our proposal for the 2018 season of first communion dresses, already officially presented on Magic Day.

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