The Universe of Childhood 2017

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New edition by Fimi and they are 84, Universe of Childhood is the name of winter exhibition fair where different brands show new collections for next season autumn-winter.

El Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo has been chosen again to welcome this edition. FIMI trust again in this place to organize all different annual fairs.

This year, days chosen to celebrate this fair were 20th to 22th January. Where more than one hundred of exhibitors show our different proposals of fashion kids for next season.

Creaciones Charo showed a collection where combination between fabrics, colours and complements are our storyline.

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Our christening´s collection still maintaining that classical line which has given us so much success. We can find in this collection Baptism’s gowns, both long and short.

The collection that more news advance is the Baby, since its trend is more current. From little dresses until outfits are different proposals that could be seem. Baby's designs where we can see great range of tissues and colours together perfectly.

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This edition had a great success in terms of public, highlighting great amount of international´s buyers. The staff of FIMI did a great job.