The universe of Childhood A/W

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Creaciones Charo returns one more year to FIMI to introduce its new autumn/winter collection 2019 based on baptism and baby.

El pabellón de cristal de la casa de campo is consolidated as the venue for the celebration of this event. The days 19th to 21st Jannuary were chosen for the 86th edition.

The collections presented are characterized by our classic and simple style, in which the attention paid to details is essential. Innovating in the use of new clothing such as batiste and rustic organza without giving up the glass fiber for the traditional baptism dress’s baby.

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Ivory is our main color, without forgetting the addition of the off-white as an unconventional color within the classicism. Off-white, a trendy color in the last seasons.
These colors can be perfectly combined with pastels in the different details or accessories included, giving a colorful feeling to our pieces of clothing.

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We are extremely proud of being a 100% Spanish brand, which design, produce and tailor all single piece in our facilities.

This edition had a great success in terms of public, highlighting great amount of international´s buyers. The staff of FIMI did a great job.

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